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Saddle Fitting Services, Repairs, and Saddle Sales
Photo by Kelly Jensen

Saddle Fitting Services

  • Saddle Fit and Evaluation, with or without wool flocking

    • Prices starting at $125 per horse (in the Rochester, MN area) *travel not included​*

    • $20 per hour of driving from Rochester, MN. 

    • The saddle fit and evaluation will include tracings, and a brief history about you and your horse, a static saddle fit, and a ridden dynamic saddle fit.  It's important to have your horse groomed and ready to be ridden so I can fully assess the fit and balance of the saddle in motion.

  • New saddle trial and custom saddle order

    • Prices starting at $125not including travel fee.


Repair Services

Turn around time on repairs varies depending on time of year and my availability.  Don't hesitate to reach out with questions!

  • Billet replacements...  

    • Dressage/monoflap saddles: $120 for all 4 billet straps ​

    • Jump saddles: $150 for all 6 billet straps  ​

  • Strip flock, replacing old wool with new wool:

    • Starting at: $250

  • Dropping panels to assess compromised tree

    • Starting at: $75​

  • Deep clean

    • $45​

  • CAIR/FLAIR to wool flocked

    • Starting at $250​

  • Foam panels to wool flocking

    • Starting at $250​

Saddle and Accessory Sales

I carry several lovely saddle brands brands, which are made in England, with demo saddles available to trial.  

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